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Earol Olive Oil Spray – helps remove wax build up.



Reduces and removes ear wax, naturally!












Earol Olive Oil Wax removal spray.

Simple, effective and 100% natural.

Safe and effortless delivery of wax softening  oil, direct to where the wax build up is. Use prior to syringing.  Or use as a safeguard against wax build up in the first place, thus reducing the need for syringing.

Made here in the UK and advised by many Audiologists nationally. Comes in a 10ml spray system and has all instructions needed.

Hard to find at most chemists.

Cost from us £6.99


Battery Holder



Battery Holder


Rayovac battery holder,

for use with all types of hearing aids or digital ear plugs.

Will hold up to 3 batteries on a handy key chain.

Great present for any hearing aid user.Will hold up to size 13 / Orange batteries.

Cost £3.95, postage in the UK £0.90,

overseas will vary, email first.


Hearing Aid Battery Testers


Rayovac Digital Battery Tester

Rayovac digital battery tester

with draw for spare batter.  Designed as a key ring for everyday use.

Invaluable for all hearing aid users, or electronic ear plug users, never get caught out again!

Apply your battery to the contact area and immediately know if its live or dead,

with a visual display to show on the panal on the keyring.  Will carry all battery sizes up to 675.

Cost £5.95, plus postage of £0.90 in the UK,

overseas will vary, email first.


Hearing Aid Protective Pouch


Hearing Aid Protective Pouch

Black or Blue protective pouch

with Velcro fastener for use with either hearing aids or ear plugs.

Will fit either One BTE, or two smaller ITE’s. 8.5 Cm’s x 7 Cm’s deep.

Made from strong black pvc lined with a felt like material.

Cost £2.00, postage in the UK £0.90,

overseas will vary, email first.


Hearing Aid tube cleaner / puffer.


Ear-mold Air Syringe

Ear mold Syringe, otherwise known as a “puffer”,

used world wide in every Audiology Department.

Used as a way of removing dirt, debris, wax or moisture from all types of hearing aids either from air vents or from tubes for BTE’s / RIC’s .

Also used for cleaning camera lenses, or rifle optics.

Comes with instructions on use for use. Supplied by one of the largest brands in hearing aids. A must for any hearing aid user.

Retail £5.95, postage £3.00 (due to size) in the UK,

overseas will vary, email first.


Replacement Open fit tubing “Life tubes” for Siemens Hearing Aids

ote siemens tubing





Replacement OTE tubing for Siemens open fit hearing aids, such as NHS and private aids alike.  (These will fit most of the Siemens aids, however if you have the NHS Impact M BTE’s you will need the slim line tubing which has a different fitting.) They have a screw fitting and come in a range of sizes, as well as left or right. Your current one should have a number underneath where the dome fits. If the number has “worn off” then please measure the tube against a ruler (as in the photo) and tell us what size you need. They range from size 1 (small)  to size 6 (longest).

Retail cost is £2.00 per piece, postage is £0.90 here in the UK, additional pieces are £0.20 extra postage. Outside the UK postage on request

Replacement traditional tubing for Behind The Ear hearing aids

traditional tubing





Replacement Traditional Behind The Ear tubing for use with any traditional BTE (behind the ear)  hearing aid such as NHS or private aids.  All moulds will need to have their tubing changed at least every 6 months.  (Simple rule of thumb, when the tubing goes hard to the touch, change the tube!)  These tubes are roughly 4 inches long, pre bent to help placement in the ear mould itself, and are tapered to aid insertion into the mould.  Insertion is very simple to do, but can be done for you should you need it doing. Email for help.

Retail Price is £2.00 per piece, Postage £0.90 additional pieces £0.20 postage. Delivery to UK, outside ask for costs.

Battery insertion & removal tool.


Battery insertion & removal tool


Battery removal and insertion tool, helps to make the replacement of batteries much easier for those people who find doing this “a bit of a fiddle”.

Retail price £2.95 plus £0.90 postage, each additional item £0.25 p postage.

5 Hearing aid cleaning rods.


set of 5 cleaning rods for hearing aids

Hearing Aid Cleaning Wires

for cleaning vents in hearing aids and open fit hearing aid tubes.

Used in Audiology consulting room by professionals worldwide.

Used to clear air vents on “in the ear hearing aids” and the tubes of “behind the ear” hearing aids.

Easy to use, a must for any hearing aid users, both private and NHS

Supplied in sets of 5.

Offer price £1.50 for 5, postage is £0.90 per set, additional sets 10 p postage.



5 Piece cleaning tool for hearing aids as used in the consulting room.


pce cleaning tool for cleaning hearing aids as used in the consulting room

5 Pce Hearing Aid Cleaning tools.

Ideal for all types of hearing aid either Private or NHS aids.

Consists of 5 different tools and space to store batteries.

The tools are :- cleaning brush, wax pick, tube / vent cleaner,

battery door opener and a battery magnet for removal of batteries.

As used in the consulting room by audiologists.

Perfect for any hearing aid user.

Supplied by qualified audiologists based in the UK.

Special Price is £8.00, delivery is £2.50

plus £0.50 for additional pieces.

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